Bubble Wrap

by DZ

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released April 1, 2013



all rights reserved


DZ Florida

Basically I create things to bring what's inside of me to the surface. The music that comes out of this process ranges in genre and tone drastically, just like life. Thank you for listening, and I hope this music can inspire you in some way.

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Track Name: Bubble Wrap
I pop a lot of bubble wrap, especially when I'm feeling bad,
All I gotta do is pop a little bit of bubble wrap.
Pop it over here and pop it over there,
it's all made of plastic, all made of air.
I tell them pop it over here, pop it over there,
go ahead and call me papa bear
Pop that pop that bubble wrap
I pop that pop that bubble wrap
I'm hooked like crack when I
pop pop pop that bubble wrap
I pop them individually,
I pop them one by one like that.
When I want it quickly done
I twist them like I twist a blunt,
then they pop real fast
kinda like my automatic gun

Why make a song about poppin' bubble wrap?
Why do that man, who got time for that?
Don't you know how great it feels?
Poppin' bubble wrap? Be real!
Nothing else can make me feel
so wonderful and so surreal as
poppin' all that bubble wrap
I could do it for a year
I pop it when I'm bored and
I pop it when I stress a lot
When I get that bubble wrap
That poppin' noise just hit that spot
All my problems now forgot
All because of pop pop pop
When I pop that bubble wrap
I always stay on top of that.
Wrap it up and pop that bubble
pop that pop that bubble wrap
When I pop that bubble wrap