Summer Songs

by DZ

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This is a collection of summer songs.


released May 5, 2013



all rights reserved


DZ Florida

Basically I create things to bring what's inside of me to the surface. The music that comes out of this process ranges in genre and tone drastically, just like life. Thank you for listening, and I hope this music can inspire you in some way.

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Track Name: Summertime
take it back like its
no school, late days spent hanging at the pool
jump around, get loud
we can act like a fool
sun bright blue clouds
riding my bike, wind in my hair
riding around like i just don't care
playin in at the park
when it gets dark
mama tells us get back in the car
yo its summertime
we got no more snow
all the birds outside all saying hello to me
way back then real simple reality
now i'm grown and i seen some tragedy

we can always warm our soul
with memories of summertimes ago

yeah summertime
way back as a kid
always had fun
didn't matter what i did

sliding on the slip and slide
going downhill
what about a wagon ride
that's a real thrill

looking back on the past
all my summertime memories
really were a blast

i had lemonade brewing
ice cream too
thanks to my family
always had food

i still was bad
a rude little dude
got popped a lot
but it kept me true


now years have passed
nobody told me it goes so fast

all the memories i had
the good times and the bad come back to me

tell me where the magic went to

we can always warm our soul
with memories of summertimes ago
Track Name: Blowin' Bubbles
I'm blowin' bubbles man (whoo) just like that
I'm blowing bubbles man (whoo!) just like that

Pull up at the club 'bout to blow a bunch of bubbles
Drink a lot of bubbly, now I'm seein' double.
I don't really start trouble
All I do is blow bubbles
If you a fine girl, maybe we can cuddle.
Bubble juice top of my bubbly wish list
Try to pop my bubble you can sleep with the fishes
All the misses gimme bubblicious kisses
I use Ajax but I don't do dishes

Why do we blow bubbles?
Why do we blow bubbles?

So we can pop them.

blowin' bubbles man (whoo) just like that
blowing bubbles man (whoo!) just like that

Yeah I'm blowin' bubbles
No it's not a euphemism
Gotta blow a lotta bubbles
Yeah I'm on a mission
Got bubbles in the bathtub
Bubbles in the clouds
Bubbles in the club and the crowd gets loud
Let me see that bubble shake
Twerk like a earthquake
Pop a lotta bubbles and I guarantee you'll feel great
Yeah make no mistake
I'm the bubble blowing bubble king from NY state
Blowin' bubbles all day
NYC down to FLA, yeah
Kick them out if they lazy
All the bubbles in the club got the people going crazy

Why do we blow bubbles?
Why do we blow bubbles?

So we can pop them.

Yeah! Le monde se soufflant des bulles!

Blowing bubbles all over the world.